Ahmed Shamim Hasan Shaon & his LiveKlass journey!

Ahmed Shamim Hasan Shaon is one of the skilful educators of LiveKlass. He is a Software Engineer currently working at MailerLite. As an enthusiast of clean coding, he successfully reflected the best practices of coding that everyone should maintain in industrial level in his two months-long PHP Grooming Session in LiveKlass.

His course includes:

  • Planning a project from the very beginning.
  • The process of breaking down the tasks given the requirements and make the development plan.
  • The best ways to manage the development process following kanban and scrum.
  • Proper use of Git and the best practices for git-flow, git commits and code reviews.
  • Clean code practices.
  • Software Design patterns.
  • Data Structures and Problem-solving techniques.
  • PHP and Laravel best practices.
  • Technical interview and job preparation tips.

A student from this course has shared his Certificate with us and he is very satisfied with the quality of the course and our platform.

For two long months, Mr. Ahmed Shamim Hasan Shaon has been with LiveKlass. To give the best experience, we have tried our best to maintain proper classroom interaction and environment by providing:

  • Clearer audio and video conferencing with text messaging and screen sharing facilitation.
  • Participants management system.
  • Whiteboard facilitation.
  • Cloud recording.
  • Sharing facility for course materials.
  • Payment management system.
  • Certification for students upon completion of the grooming session.

LiveKlass wishes our educator, along with the students who have been with us a prosperous future ahead.

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