Spread Your Culinary Skills From Anywhere

There was a time when people like us would love to hang out and  eat in our favorite restaurants without being in the grip of continuous panic and fear. The recent upheaval created by the outbreak of corona virus has forced us to lock ourselves in our home and curtailed our habit of dining in the restaurants. As the number of affected people are spiking up,  most of us are opting for warm homemade,healthier meals. People are heading to the most important corner of their home — the kitchen, as a stopgap to serve their cravings for sumptuous foods like a restaurant . In the meantime, restaurants and hotel businesses are hitting the bottom of the pit with empty tables, putting a massive number of chef's and employee's careers in jeopardy. While the restaurants have gone under perilous hibernation, its time for the chefs and experts in culinary science to rethink how to put an end to the struggle and keep knuckling under the situation until everything goes back to normal? How to reconnect the shattered network of farm-to- table movement?

Obviously, every problem comes with an unique solution, and we are offering you one. While most people are turning on the YouTube channels  to learn to cook their favorite meals,  and if you are an experienced chef with outstanding  and in-depth knowledge about culinary science- you can be a cooking sensei to those people. Now the question might arise that, then what about money? Is teaching others to cook going to make me some good money?

With immense pleasure, we are introducing LiveKlass- where teaching is fun as well as earning money. LiveKlass doesn’t care about  where you live, what is your age- what matters more to be a cooking tutor in LiveKlass is your experience- the magic you sprinkle on your food to make it restaurant like delicious and mouth-watering.

Hmm, sounds promising! But how can I convince others to join my class?

- Your class, your audience — invite your people by sharing your class link. Most important, don’t forget to craft an engaging overview exhibiting your experience, cuisines that you are expert in, accolades you have achieved over the years. This will encourage more people to join your classes.

Can I demonstrate while I am cooking?  Where will I post my recipes?

- Don’t worry! LiveKlass has also taken care of it. There is an integrated live chatting option where you can post your recipes and interact with your students and answer their queries. Besides, you can tell your students to bring paper and make notes while you are cooking in front of them in live video streaming.

An intriguing platform I must say! How much money am I going to make in one class?

- The more student will take your class, the more money you will make. You have to set a fee for every class. Maximum 50 students can attend in one session. Showcase your best cooking skills and create a consistent batch of students.

Unleash a therapeutic journey of cooking and let your hard-earned culinary skills and experience talk with LiveKlass.

Got questions? Follow our FAQ section and create your first class here-  https://liveklass.io