Are you thinking about joining a class on LiveKlass?

Joining classes on LiveKlass in very simple and easy. But don't worry, you don't have to discover everything on your own. Here is a short demo for you. Hope you enjoy your class!

Once you logged in LiveKlass, you can find all the available classes in Classes>Search Classes.

‌Pick your desired class and at first go through the whole class Outline & Schedule. Then you can know about you mentor or class instructor in Meet your instructor section. You can know about  skills , teaching style and area of expertise and upcoming classes of your instructor before enrolling by clicking on View Profile On LiveKlass

Enroll the class if it ticks all the boxes of what you have looking for.

Clicking Enroll will directly take you to the next station which is the payment procedure of your desired class. If you are attending a Free Class, then you only have to give some necessary details (don't leave the star marked ones) and you will be enrolled.

‌If you are attending a Paid Class, you have fill up all the necessary boxes (don't leave the star marked ones). After that you have deal with the payment procedure.

Your calculated payment will be shown which includes your payment processing fee. Fill up necessary information such your name and card information to ensure a successful enrollment.

You desired class will be shown Enrolled after a successful payment. You can find your enrolled classes in Classes>Enrolled Classes

Join option will appear 15 minutes prior to your class time . You have to hit Join button to enter your virtual class in LiveKlass.

After joining the class, please follow the rules, instructed by your mentor. Learn More:

Well! This is all for using LiveKlass as your newer experience of the virtual class.

Do extend any feedback on how we can improve it. We will look into that feedback and will appreciate any constructive advice.