How To Introduce Yourself As An Instructor!

Imagine, you are in a room full of the audience eager to hear what you have to say in front of them. Before you jump into anything complex, do you know what simple thing they want to hear from you is ? It’s nothing but a simple introduction. A short and concise introduction about you increases your credibility hence grab the attention of your audience. A consensus that runs among us that — You never get a second chance to make a first impression. It is not rocket science to guess that introductions are the first step to create the first and last longing impression.
Still remains the question that why do you need to introduce yourself in a virtual live class platform?

A virtual classroom is pretty much like a physical classroom with the only difference it holds that instead of floating eyes in a classroom, you will be surrounded by the people watching you through your camera and hearing through your microphone.
As easy it is to make an introduction in person, we have made it easy too to make an introduction in LiveKlass. How will that be? Don’t worry, we got you covered.

  1. That is how your profile will look like with your name and your preferable portrait. Wise tip: Try to set a sharp and smart picture that will ignite the curiosity of a student to turn the next page to know more about you.

2. Include a short brief of what are you up to and what have you done in your past. Describing your recent job and past jobs you have had and which criteria you are expert in will be a proper a fit in this step. This short accumulation will get students interested and have access to your professionalism and your accolades.

3. People being in the receiving end always eager to know that what are they getting themselves into before they join your class. That’s where you have to informative and creative to craft a serious yet enticing short note about your experience and what they will be expecting to learn from you. People who will be going through your profile may or may not have the basic idea of the criteria you are willing to serve, but you have to clear what you will be teaching them and how will you inspire them to build up on the existing knowledge they have. Your short note about yourself should be able to answer about the lesson they will receive from you, where it will leave them and what milestones they are going to achieve.

4. People tend to get more inclined towards an expert than someone mediocre in the field they are interested in. That does not mean you would falsify while filling your area of expertise and would get more students because that will leave you in unwanted position and you might get reported for that. So wise move will be to showcase the exact information about your area of expertise. No need to add any extravaganza word or jargon to embellish this portion. Your list of expertise will do the trick and sparkle itself and give a reason to your audience to why they should place their money to learn from you.

5. Like your area of expertise, Showcase your discernible skills and technologies you are expert in. That will help you to stand out among the bevy of experts and find you like-minded students who share the same interests as you.

6. A man is known by the hobbies he cultivate- you will know this saying to be true when you will experience how much positive energy it inflicts and creates a friendly environment among your students when you include your hobbies and your favourite things to do. This will help your student to be comfortable around you, therefore clearing up the building anxieties of teaching a bunch of unknowns.

9. Not only your skill sets and experience will draw students for you , It is the virtues that will make you whole and top rated instructor.

10. Almost everyone make a good first impression but only few will make a good lasting impression. Be that one of a kind instructor by living up to the promises you have made in your profile and you will have a goodwill to present in front of future students and help you to be in the business as a top-rated instructor. Try to get good and kind words from your students and attach them in your profile. It will give you a good lead to imprint a good first and last longing impression on your future students.

11. Once your profile ticks all the box of what a student is looking for, he or she may want to hear from you personally. Place your contact details in your profile, in case someone tries to reach you.

Demo profile of a LiveKlass Instructor:

By completing each step will take you closer to get the students you are looking for. Share your Profile Link with your audience so that they can get your regular class updates.

Set up your profile now at and set your alarm according to your schedule to meet your first and fresh batch of students.