LiveKlass Etiquette For Better Virtual Classroom Experience

Virtual classrooms and physical classrooms are a lot different in terms of the environment and interaction with people. Some people might think that virtual classes are hard to follow and even harder to interact. Truth to be told, we used to think that too. That's why we created LiveKlass, where you can achieve a physical class-like environment, just adopting these rules and etiquette. Let me walk you through the protocols for a better experience in LiveKlass.

1) A laptop or desktop with the facility of a webcam, clear microphone, and a pair of sound system is highly recommended if you want to make the best out of your LiveKlass session.

2) If you are a tutor in LiveKlass, Things you have to keep in mind before picking up a place in your house to take a class.

  • Set up your laptop along with your necessary equipment in a place with proper brightness and uninterrupted Wi-Fi access so that your student can have a crystal clear view of your class.
  • Try to keep the background where you will take class, neutral and transparent. Moving things, flashy objects, and human movements in your background can distract both of you and your students.

3) Noise in the background can decrease your brain function by creating a distraction, thereby impairing your teaching. Students should also find a secluded place for attending class to attain their highest concentration and focus.
To add extra caution, you can turn silent mode on your phones and tabs to conduct your class uninterruptedly .
Make sure that you do not conduct your class or attend any classes in a small, congested space. The congested places are prone to create echo sound.

4) Headphones or ear buds are good options while attending  classes to cancel out noise interruption and attain a concrete focus.

5) There will be chaos and a lot of noise if everyone keeps their microphones unmuted at once. Also, try to interact with your host one by one to avoid conflict while asking questions. The best practice will be to let others finish their question before you ask one and till then mute your microphone to help your fellow LiveKlasser and your host to understand the question.

6)  During the class, only your host's video will be streaming in front of everyone. If you have something to show (through video/screen sharing) or say in front of your fellow LiveKlasser and host, request your host to permit your video streaming; otherwise, your video will not be streamed.

7) A friendly attitude goes a long way. Offer respect, openness, kind gesture to everyone in the class, and you will be sure to reap the returns many times over. Don't initiate any argument if you want your fellow LiveKlasser to emulate the same gesture. Keeping a friendly environment can also make the class more interesting and exciting.

8) Keep the morale high in your class. Refrain from making any repulsive and abusive comment or slang that can hurt people's sentiment. Any sexual innuendo, an inappropriate gesture can pollute the class environment; therefore should be avoided at any cost. Issues that everyone should refrain from discussing in the class are - race, country, feminism, misogyny, and politics to keep the appropriate class environment.

Follow these etiquette to unlock a newer experience of virtual classes with LiveKlass.

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