Pandemic and Group Fitness Instructors ๐Ÿ‹๏ธ

In group fitness places, the scenario we are usually familiar with, might not be the same in the afterlife of the corona virus pandemic. Gyms and yoga classes can be difficult places to maintain social distancing. People who love group fitness will have to avoid this gathering for the sake of their well being.

Therefore the concept of LiveKlass is introduced. LiveKlass is an on-demand virtual classroom platform, where anyone from any corner of the world can schedule & monetize their virtual classes.

The questions that might hit you is that,

  • When and how can I conduct the class?
  • How can I create a class?
  • Who will be my students?
  • How will I reach my students?

Letโ€™s have a tour while discovering all the answers.

When and how can I conduct the class?

The procedure of conducting a class is really quick and easy for an instructor. You can schedule the date & time according to your convenience.

How can I create a class?

Who will be my students?

People from all around the world can be your student. They just have to enroll and match with your time. You have to have maximum 50 students and minimum 1 student in order to conduct a class.

How will I reach my students?

  • Give a Proper Brief about the class which includes - course name, course price, course days, total classes, course time & date, course level, course language, course description, course outline, course format, course objective, course pre-requisite, maximum participants ย allowed or any important information about the course.

  • Design a compelling Banner to attract fitness lovers so that they find your class exciting and join it spontaneously.

  • Copy the Class Link you have created earlier and share it with your students via social media or any other medium which is convenient for you. You can also share your Profile Link with your audience so that they can get regular updates of your upcoming classes.

See? It is that easy and quick. Conduct good classes and show friendly behavior to your students so that you can form a constant batch of your regular students.

If you have any other questions regarding tutoring, pricing, payout, and any other issue regarding LiveKlass, you can check our FAQs section. Hope to meet you as my next instructor! For further assistance feel free to reach us at We are always ready to help you.

Go to: to create your first ever fitness class and be a part of a new normal.