Programmers Vs Pandemic

Not only has the recent coronavirus pandemic been taking its toll on billions of people, scavenging the whole global health system, but  also a staggering number of layoffs have also  been pushing  many lives to uncertainty. In response to Corona virus fallout across the world, Top software companies are downsizing their branches, reducing salaries, freezing their bonuses and furloughing workers to tackle the flooding financial hardship. While a looming recession is rippling across numerous companies, being a competent, proficient programmer or developer won’t be enough to save anyone from being unemployed. Think, What your last resort will be if your current company has decided to let you go or decrease your salary? Getting nervous? Is Anxiety crippling over your head?

It is okay to be anxious amidst the chaos and troubles that are plaguing us. Now paint another picture; you are increasing your skills and knowledge by imparting your valuable skills and logic to others sitting at your home without putting your life into the hazard. Besides, you get to pocket some extra cash while companies around you are grinding to a halt. Does it sound like a deal you should grab?
All of the pictures you have in your head can be turned into reality with LiveKlass. Don’t know what LiveKlass is? Don’t worry! Let me walk you through the idea of LiveKlass.
LiveKlass is a platform where you can take virtual classes on anything you excel in. Students from all over the world can join, and the more students join your class, the more you will earn.

What should be my credentials if I want to join LiveKlass as a Programming tutor?
If you own expert-level skill on any programming language and firmly believe that your skill in any programming language can help others to  become more proficient and make society more resilient in the face of 21st-century challenges, then LiveKlass welcomes you with open doors.

How can I gather my students?
LiveKlass extends you the opportunity to gather your students on your own. Invite the people who you think are eager to learn by sharing your class link. You can post your class link in your social media to bring students from all over the world. You can get the link by clicking Copy Shareable Link option from your created class.

How can I decorate my class description?
Decorate your description by highlighting your excellence, and a manifestation of your portfolio that projects your professionalism will be useful to engage more students in your class.

Get on board with LiveKlass to become financially independent and be a part of the new normal.

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