“Now you can build your own online school with Zero Cost”-Let's find out how?

Land for constructing a building, huge crushing mortgage/loan, hiring teachers, buying furniture- are some of the capital concerns that have been striking off your dream to build a school. We are well aware that starting a school is not that easy but not impossible. Any building needs pillar to stand firm and unshakeable. Like that, building a school now only needs your knowledge and your firm will to impart education for its pillar.

Still thinking What about money or capital to start a school?

Introducing LiveKlass- an on demand virtual classroom platform, where you can start your virtual live school without thinking about school space or furniture. All you need is your  skills and expertises fuelled by your boundless energy and an account in LiveKlass. Now School is where you are!

In offline schools, students have to go through admission test to start off their career. If they pass in the admission test with flying colors, that’s not the end of it! A complex labyrinth of admission procedure would be standing in front of them. Given how unbalanced and unhinged the whole admission procedure can be, we have totally replaced the lengthy and energy drainer bureaucracy with simple pay-n-enroll system. In your virtual school on LiveKlass, all you have to do is to create routine classes and invite your students through your class link to enroll. That’s it!

Get on board with LiveKlass to become financially independent and be a part of the new normal. Create your first class now at https://liveklass.io