Why you should learn Golang

Hey folks today I am writing about Golang. Why you should learn it and how it can change the way you work.

First of all Golang is backed by Google. Some finest mind of CS industry worked to design the language like,

Ken Thompson: well known for his work with Unix operating system.

Rob Pike: is a Canadian programmer, also worked with Unix.

Robert Griesemer: worked on designing Javascript V8 and JVM.

Go is Simple:

Golang provides C/Java family like syntax, thats why it's easy to learn for the people comes from C/Java/C# background.

func hello() {
	Println("I am Go")

You don't have to deal with semi-colon or fancy indentation. Golang also provides standard data structure and libraries (struct, interface, function, array, slice, map, http, json etc). Go's learning curve is low. Besides go provides builtin Garbage collector.

Go is everywhere:

With Go, you can develop desktop apps, web apps, mobile apps. You can work on embedded systems. Most of the cloud service provides supports Golang, so it's easy to maintain Golang based cloud applications. You can develop small or large CLI tools. Go supports WebAssembly and provides native interface to bind with your existing C/C++ code.

Go Concurrency:

Go provides CSP model (Aka Actor Model) which is being used successfully in Erlang and Scala. Go provides Gorountines which are lightweight threads and consumes they low resources. Different goroutines can communicate with each other using channel. And Golang uses multicore when needed, utilising maximum of your system.

Golang runs on Hardware:

Golang doesn't run on VM like Java. Go produce binary which directly runs on hardware. So there is no VM related overhead. Golang uses very low CPU and RAM.

Golang is growing:

Companies like Uber, Pathao, GoJek, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix adopted Golang because of it power and simplicity. Most of the download servers of Google runs on Golang serving millions of users everyday.

According to 2019 stackoverflow developer survey Golang is in the 3rd position of most wanted languages.

Golang Pays High:

According to 2019 stackoverflow developer survey Golang pays well, second highest paid salary globally.

Even in freelancing platforms like Upwork, clients pays high hourly rate from $40-$100/hr.

Even currently I am doing a work at $60/hr.

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Note: Our platform LiveKlass runs on Golang.